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    Nuno Felt Workshop

    I had another wonderful group of ladies learning to make Nuno felt. I had 5 in the class. Here everyone is laying out their base wool on the silk blanks I had dyed for the class Ruth has been talking about layout effecting shrinkage. Some of these ladies are laying their wool along the scarf to get a shorter but wider scarf and the others are laying the wool across the scarf to get a longer but narrower scarf. After the base is laid down they get to add the embellishments, more wool, curls or silk fibres, hankies or throwsters waste. Then after much rubbing and rolling and some scrunching…

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    Ruffled Neck Scarf Workshop

    Last week I taught a Ruffle Neck Scarf workshop. This was the first time teaching it and it went very well. I was worried about the timing but it all worked out. I thought the class at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum. They have a nice big classroom with lots of light. and water. As usual, I forgot to take pictures early but here are two of them being laid out You can see the template they used to get the layout right and keep it even from one end to the other. I drew it with the outline to follow and a line on them to let them know…

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    Next steps for small bags

    Posted on June 12, 2018 by shepherdessann Last time I showed you the parts of the bags ready to be put together. Now I will show you how I do it. First I wet one side. I use the resist to press the wool down and make sure it will be wet where I need it to be. Next I add one of the pieces of silk. Then I add the resist and the 2 pieces used to close the bag. Next I add the second piece of silk and wrap the wool around everything I add the second side of wool and wrap that around too. After I’ve done that…

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    Making Some More Little Bags

    I haven’t had much time to felt and today I finally got some time to start some new little bags. The last time I made little bags I forgot to add the spikes that end up as the closures so I made a bunch of spikes to be ready this time. Now to remember to make the rings for the bottom. I make these bas self lining by putting fabric next to the resist. This creates a nuno felt lining and I don’t have to do it later. I licked this silk scarf a friend gave me for it’s nice bright colours and interesting dye pattern. The other thing adding…

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    Second Quarter Challenge: Nuno Felt Surface Design

    The second quarter is already here, I am not sure how that happened. I think using fabric as a surface design instead of a base is a good idea for the second quarter. Use cotton or silk or rayon or what ever you like to make some surface designs. You can make texture or pattern. Try a mosaic? (I think one is Zed’s) or making a picture? I made this to practice machine embroidery on. Layer some silk How about some texture?     Or let your imagination sore, have fun with it.  You can post your experiments good and bad over in the Felt and Fiber Studio Forum. http://feltandfiberstudio.proboards.com/thread/3708/2018-second-quarter-challenge…

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    A Couple of Small Felt Pouches

    This week I decided to make a new pouch for my business cards. The one I am using now is getting  a little ratty looking from being in my purse for several years. I didn’t take any in progress photos. I wasn’t really thinking about it, just enjoying the process of making something. This is the first one, front and back and closed. It turned out well but I tiny bit smaller than I wanted.  Not bad considering I didn’t do any measuring I just cut out a resist and started. Here it is on the resist so you can see the shrinkage And a pictures of the nuno felt…

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    A felt Christmas Card

    I sent a card to my partner for the Christmas card on the forum. holiday-exchange-2017   She has it now so I can tell you all about making it. First I went through my old felt bin to find a thickish piece of felt and cut out a tree shape. It’s a blueish green even if it doesn’t look like it. I then cut out some red prefelt I had for the background. I did 2 layers for each of these. I did the extra on so if this didn’t turn out I could go with plan B.  Then I roughly cut out a tree shape form a silk scarf I…

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    Nuno Felt Scarf Class Dec 2017

    I had another delightful day teaching some ladies to make nuno felt scarves. I made a slide show of the scarves. For some reason I only got one shot of the last one.       And finally a group shot of the ladies and their scarves all finished. It was a fun day I love seeing how different they all turn out.