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    Nuno Felt Workshop

    I had another wonderful group of ladies learning to make Nuno felt. I had 5 in the class. Here everyone is laying out their base wool on the silk blanks I had dyed for the class Ruth has been talking about layout effecting shrinkage. Some of these ladies are laying their wool along the scarf to get a shorter but wider scarf and the others are laying the wool across the scarf to get a longer but narrower scarf. After the base is laid down they get to add the embellishments, more wool, curls or silk fibres, hankies or throwsters waste. Then after much rubbing and rolling and some scrunching…

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    Felted Flower Workshop

    Wednesday I taught an evening class in flowers at the Ottawa Valley Weavers’ and Spinners’ Guild. It is a bit rushed for beginners to get both flowers finished but everyone got it done and we all had a good time. As usual, I kept forgetting to take pictures but I did get some and Jan was in the class and got some but she was busy too. First, we did a petunia/morning glory shaped flower this is me explaining how you layout the wool for the flower. Jan remembered to take a picture of her layout. This is part way through. Here everyone is diligently felting their flowers Shaping This…

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    Wet Felted Slipper Class

    This last Saturday I taught a slipper class to 6 lovely ladies. I gave them a choice of templates, so there were different types of slippers being made at the same time. We used the one that looks like bunny ears, the one with little pointy the ears on the sides, boots and some pointy ones. They used Corriedale wool for the slippers. I prefer something like Fin wool but it is hard to get it in colours and everyone wants colours. So Corriedale is a good compromise. After everyone made templates it was onto laying out the wool. Then on to rubbing rolling Once everything was hanging together well,…

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    A class with Moy MacKay

    Last week I had the opportunity to take a 2 day class with Moy MacKay. I went with a couple of friends and we had a great time. We did the wet felting on day one. We had 2 pictures to choose from for the landscape. I chose the one the left. Moy demonstrated and explained to us how to work and what to do. We got to ask questions. She told us to take lots of pictures as we went because you see things in the picture that you don’t see in just looking at it. Still I didn’t take enough. First we laid out the background Then we…

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    Ruffled Neck Scarf Workshop

    Last week I taught a Ruffle Neck Scarf workshop. This was the first time teaching it and it went very well. I was worried about the timing but it all worked out. I thought the class at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum. They have a nice big classroom with lots of light. and water. As usual, I forgot to take pictures early but here are two of them being laid out You can see the template they used to get the layout right and keep it even from one end to the other. I drew it with the outline to follow and a line on them to let them know…

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    Nuno Felt Scarf Class Dec 2017

    I had another delightful day teaching some ladies to make nuno felt scarves. I made a slide show of the scarves. For some reason I only got one shot of the last one.       And finally a group shot of the ladies and their scarves all finished. It was a fun day I love seeing how different they all turn out.

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    Felt Vessel Class

    Posted on December 2, 2017 by shepherdessann I taught an enthusiastic group of ladies how to make felted vessels last Sunday. They were a great group and without Carleen’s reminders to take pictures I would have nothing to show you today.           Three ladies chose to make pots that were a different colour inside.  and two made theirs a solid colour. Then of course there was the wetting, rubbing and rolling and shapping     Blowing up a balloon inside  helps get a nice shape. In the back ground you can see Carlene rolling on a car mat. For some reason I did not get a picture…

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    I am teaching mittens next year at my guild. I haven’t made any in a long time so I have been working on some mittens for my grandson.  Here you can see where I was enlarging the pattern.  They look huge. I did add extra in the middle because it is easer to cut off some at the wrist then not have enough and try to add. Do you like my sheep duct tape? I used a small piece of plastic to keep the thumb wool separate. They can so easily get all tangled with the wool from the finger part. Here is it flipped over and ready for the…

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    Fingerless Mitt Class in February

    I am teaching at the Ottawa Valley Weavers and Spinners Guild  Fingerless Mitts, Cuffs or Wrist Warmers Feb 22 (Saturday) – Wet Felting— Description: Learn basic wet-felting techniques while keeping your wrists stylishly warm. Make a pair of wet felted cuffs that can be embellished in many ways. Keep your hands warmer but still allow full mobility for knitting , spinning or weaving or texting. Your cuffs can be small and discrete or big and bold! Prerequisite: None Class Size: not more than 6 Time: 10am-3pm Level: Beginner Cost: $40 members, $50 non-members Materials fee: $10 please contact the workshop coordinator to register: workshops@ovwsg.com